Saturday, August 31, 2013

'Memorial Day, Claremont Park' by Jim McVicker

This painting was painted over the Memorial Day weekend at Claremont Park in Southern California. Terry and I spent a couple of weeks visiting and painting in Southern Ca. We love going to this park to paint. There is the shade of the trees to stay cool and the terrific imagery. The afternoon we arrived to paint I already had this composition in mind from working there several times already. I wasn't expecting the group of people having a picnic but, it added so much to the scene. I blocked in the painting and then intensely focused on the group of people. At best they were there for an hour. I spent another couple of sittings finishing up the rest of the painting. It's hanging in the RAA Fall show which will be up until September 21st. The opening will be Sat. Sept. 7th for Arts Alive. I won best of show.   oil on linen on panel  12x16

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  1. And a winner in is!! Beautiful...feels like a much larger painting.