Sunday, August 25, 2013

'Red Gladiola' by Theresa Oats

I worked on this painting of our garden over the past few months.  Sections were painted in a previous year.   Inspired by a Dutch Masters exhibition at the De Young Museum this spring, I decided to   emphasize the factors of the flowers' colors and shapes in relationship to each other in close proximity.  Oil on Linen 36x24
This and three other of my paintings plus four by my husband' Jim McVicker, will be featured in an invitational exhibit and sale with 28 other artists at the Favell Museum in Klamath Falls Oregon from September 29 to October 26.


  1. Beautiful painting. I get absorbed in it.

  2. That painting.................Oh my goodness! I am sure you will sell it! It must be marvelous in person! I am blown away by how 3 D it appears. Looks like a halogram. Don't know how you do it. You, Terry, are a genius!

  3. Hi Steve and Linda, Thank you for these comments!

  4. This is an extraordinary painting, Terry. The luscious and unusual relationships between the flowers is unique and definitely takes me back a century or two in time. Before they head north will your and Jim's paintings be hanging somewhere around town?

    1. Hi Cindy, Thank you for your generous comment!

      The paintings are in Oregon now, but thank you for asking!

  5. Hi Terry, this is really beautiful! I have been wanting to buy one of your larger paintings and this could definitely be a possibility... can you share the price please? Or email me if you prefer - :-)
    Tamara (your former neighbor)

  6. Thank you everyone for such positive comments!