Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Borrego' by Stock Schlueter

During the paint-out I had been wanting to do a late light painting So I drove around looking for something that I wanted to do. It was windy as hell blowing sand and rocking me. But I hung in there tucked behind the truck. If I park just right facing into the wind I can get some relief with the tail gate and camper shell open. It was getting dark by the time I finished. I think the wind might have been the inspiration for the impressionists. Just hold the brush and let the wind do the work.


  1. I love your beautiful colors and design....and the palms show how really massive those mountains are.

  2. Gorgeous painting, Stock. I love the dark line at the base of the mountains and the primary colors. You captured what is so wonderful about Anza Borrego.