Thursday, June 5, 2014

'Upriver' by Stock Schlueter

It is not always about the painting...
Sometimes things do not quite go the way we plan them even when we don't have a plan. I was on my way back to paint again at Grays Falls. When I got to the trail head, there were several rigs parked there. It is a popular fishing hole with limited places to stand so not wanting to fight for a spot I moved on upriver to paint this rock sticking out of the middle of the river. I had thought about it many times. I load my gear onto my back and down over the bank I go. I don't like the scene from down river so I decide upriver would be better, I crawl over the rocks and through the brush to a spot above. It's  rough going and even here is not really what I want. I say what the hell I am here and I will do something. I pull the pallet out and drop it, grab it in mid air and slather paint from stem to stern. I settle in and get to work. Lost in the beauty and serenity or the river. I hear a deafening screech followed the chilling deep thud of metal on asphalt. I look up and see a whirlwind of dust and debris. OMFG this is not good. I race up the bank which was steep as hell, to find a woman wandering around in the middle of the highway. Her car had rolled and smashed into the rock bank. I was the only one there. I got her to my truck had her sit down in the shade and made sure she was ok. Then proceeded to flag down traffic because her car was blocking one lane. There was no cell service so we asked people to call when they got in range. It took awhile but local volunteer fire department and Forest Service showed up with paramedics and too control traffic. They were followed by The CHP and an ambulance even a helicopter. The lady was fine and did not need it all. She complained of blurry vision until I pointed out that she had lost a lens from her glasses. Everyone was greatly concerned and helpful. I know this is a long winded story, But it makes me think about all of the things that had to tumble just right for me to be at just that place at that time. Small mishaps and instant decisions seemingly random and unconnected put me where I was supposed to be.

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