Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Pinnacle" by Theresa Oats

Leslie Allen proposed an exhibit of paintings of women artists painting other women artists.
Rachel Schluter arranged for a showing at The Hallway Gallery" at the C street studio building
in old town at 208 C Street, which opens tonight for Saturday Arts Alive! We saw the show yesterday - it's wonderful! The imagination and depictions of the women are quite varied, impressive, beautiful and a lot of fun !

This is my painting of artist Ellen Searle LeBel posing in her komono under the skylight of my studio. She relayed an interesting fact about the Japanese culture you might be interested to hear. She said they believe the pinnacle of a human life is reached at the age of 60. Ellen said she plans to wear her komono when the time comes to celebrate that milestone.

Ellen has been studying Japanese brush painting and executed her painting of me in that
tradition. I am amazed at how she captured my likeness and expression with so few strokes.
Her painting is in the exhibit as well and you'll be interested to see how she 'framed' it.

The exhibit is open tonight for Saturday Arts Alive!


  1. What a lovely painting! Everything about it is pleasing. These colors could so easily slip into garish and you've handled it beautifully. How do you do it, Terry?

  2. Terry you are absolutely amazing and so is your work.

  3. the colors are so sweet! She has great presence!